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We help athletes leverage their brand value.

Regardless of how much money you made playing pro sports you can leverage both your earnings and your brand. Leverage your capital by engaging in arbitrage style investment opportunities. We spent years networking with institutional investors and private banks and what we found was astonishing.

Peer for peer we continue to be ahead of the curve in terms of investor friendly regulations.

Regardless of being a high net worth athlete or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are interested in leveraging your business brand without incurring personal risk.


We help you by first forming a partnership.


Then we create your family office by rolling up your assets and liabilities into a single entity. Our back office team provides a centralized management structure at no cost to you.


We then create an investment strategy that is focused on revitalize entire communities where the local residents receive the investments. 

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$ 100 million
Private Equity
$ 1 billion
Public offerings


Private Equity

We act as a conduit for institutional and accredited investors to invest in the private equity funds of the athletes.

Family Office

We set up family office style back offices for athletes.

Asset Acquisition

Roll up assets of athletes and manage under one company

Go Public

We create and manage strategies for athlete companies to go public under Regulation A and the New York Stock Exchange.

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